DIY – Cute Scratch-Off Cards


Hey !

I found an amazing idea on the internet (I think it was on YouTube, I don’t remember), it’s the easiest yet the best DIY ever.
It consists in creating your own scratch cards, like lottery cards or cards with a hidden message, that you can scratch off with a coin. I love that idea, you can draw and write anything !
(It would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day card for example, I’ll think about it for next year)

β€’ Here is what you’ll need :

scratch off ing

1) Cut your cards

Take your paper and scissors, and cut your cards ! Maybe draw them with a set squareΒ beforehand, if you want them to be perfectlyΒ shapedΒ πŸ“


2) Draw on your cards

Now take any pen or pencil you want, and draw your message on your cards πŸ–οΈ
If you’re lazy (no shame in that !) or if you wan a more “professional” finish, you can also print them directly (there are lots and lots of designs on the internet).

cards pencils

3) Cut a piece of the adhesive plastic

Cut a piece of the adhesive plastic (you can find some here on Amazon) so it fits your cards size. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with making it fit perfectly, cut it a bit too big, so you can just cut the excess laterΒ βœ‚οΈ

cut coat

4) Place the plastic on the cards

Start by sticking it on the edge of the card, and then little by little you stick it. Be sure it follows the shape of the card (unless you cut it bigger on the previous step, if you did it that way just place it and cut the excess plastic following the cards shape).
Then, with your fingers or a tea/dish towel, strongly rubΒ the card to make eventually trapped air go away.


5) Prepare the paint

Put a bit of paint on a small plate, and add one to three drops of dish washing soap. Mix it up with a paint brush. I used coloured paint, but to make it more like a real scratching ticket you can use some Metallic Acrylic paint ! 🌟


6) Paint your cards !

With the paint/soap mixture, paint the message you want to hide on your cards ! It’s a bit difficult to draw a shape actually, bu the good thing with plastic is that you can erase some paint as long as it’s still wet, so you can correct the shape a bit.


And now, all there is left is to scratch !

fin scratch

I did one of those for Victor’s Birthday to “announce” his present, and I put it in an enveloppe and added some stickers to decorate it, those are from myΒ Colorful Stationery Haul Post !

victor anniv

What did you think of this DIY ?

I hope I was able to explain the steps as clearly as possible 😊
Ask me anything if you need to !

See ya !Β πŸ’™

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60 thoughts on “DIY – Cute Scratch-Off Cards

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  2. This is such a great idea! I would never have thought i could make scratch cards! We thought of them as wedding favours for guests but went with matches instead….. This would have been so good though! Esp handmade ones! And for Valentines and Birthdays! Thanks for sharing!!! 😘 xx

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  3. I love this idea!! I have also seen this on facebook and twitter and wanted to save it….but now with your post I have it pinned! Thank you! My daughters will love this. Very cute! Great pictures and explanations!

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