Review – Urban Decay Naked Palette Illuminated Trio

Review – Urban Decay Naked Palette Illuminated Trio



As you might have seen in my Christmas Gifts post, I received a gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Palette ! As promised, I’m going to review this product here, so you can know what my thoughts are.



This Naked Palette, named “Illuminated Trio”, is a limited edition composed of three shades of “shimmering Powder for Face and Body” : Pyrite, Oasis (sparkly marbled beige), and Twilight (a glowy pink).



The whole box is just gorgeous, I love the marble effect on it. It has a mirror inside and a soft double headed brush. The box is not too big, nor too small. It’s a really pretty object to have in your makeup collection !




Here’s how the three shades look on my arm. You can see that even though the colors are subtle, they are very glittery and shimmery. I love that !






Pyrite is a shimmery golden orange shade. It kind of works like a bronzer on my skin tone, a bit of shiny tan doesn’t hurt ! ⭐
As you can see in the second picture, it brings a lot of light on my face.





The next shade is Oasis, this one looks more like a highlighter. It’s very sparkly, but unfortunately it’s VERY difficult to take a picture of it ! With a camera the light doesn’t reflect well on the sparkles somehow. That’s why I added a close up picture, so you can see the cute glitter dust ✨




The last one, Twilight, looks like a pretty glowy blush. I think it makes my face look really healthy with the pink and glow !


To conclude, I can say that I really like this palette !
The three colors are well chosen : a “bronzer”, a “highlighter” and a “blush”, these are three essential basic products to use according to the occasion.
Also they hold well all evening long, and they reflect the light in the prettiest way (except on pictures, unfortunately I’m a photography noob).

As this Naked Palette is a limited edition, you can’t find it that easily anymore. But Urban Decay has a range of mini Naked illuminated shades sold separately, that look pretty much alike ! :


But you can still find the real deal on Amazon too :


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What do you think of those ?
Do you like using shimmery powders too ? ?


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  1. 02/02/2018 / 03:20

    The packaging really is stunning! The marbled effect is such a nice touch, and even just swatched, the colours look so beautiful!

    • Oriana
      02/02/2018 / 19:33

      Right ? I love the box alone too ! Even without the shades hahaha ?

  2. 04/02/2018 / 13:13

    Beautiful product! Great pigmentation by the looks of it.

  3. 05/02/2018 / 15:20

    Oriana, I’ve shared a link to your lovely post on my regular PainPals feature Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire x

  4. 27/02/2018 / 03:29

    The packaging is so cute! Are they baked? Sometimes they are less pigmented and you have to scratch the top off.

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