Cute Valentine’s Day Card DIY

Cute Valentine’s Day Card DIY


Hey lovely people !

It’s going to be valentine’s day soon, so let me show you this real quick and simple DIY Valentine’s Day Card ! For the record my boyfriend is not allowed to read this post, obviously. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for him, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to share this with you all ! ?

So, let me show you how to do a really cute heart shaped valentine’s day card ?




Take a colored piece of paper, thick enough for a card, a bit cardboard like.
Fold it in 2, and then next to the folding, draw a heart shape on it with a pencil.

valentine's day card




Cut the heart shape, and use your heart shaped card to draw the shape again on a folded regular paper. Once the line is drawn, redraw it in a smaller version, then cut it. Paste both white hearts on your valentine’s day card. It should look like this :

valentine's day card




Now decorate the valentine’s day card front ! I used some small hearts that I cut with a heart shaped puncher, and I drew a gold heart with a metallic sharpie – I have a silver and copper one too, they are amazing !

valentine's day card





Now all there is left to do with your valentine’s day card, is to write a loving message, and draw something cute in it ! I chose to make mine pokemon themed, since we both love the games and manga. I drew a cute sleepy bulbasaur, which is Victor’s favorite pokemon ?

For those who played the game, maybe you can remember that bulbasaur is the pokemon #001 in the pokedex, and therefore I added a little message according to that : “you are my #001” in french !

valentine's day card


(truth is I hate bulbasaur … the things you’d do for love !)





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valentine's day card



How do you like my valentine’s day card ?
Are you looking forward to this day ? ?


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  1. 07/02/2018 / 10:22

    This looks so cute! It’s so easy to forget how simple it can be to make your own card instead of buying one that is mass produced! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  2. 07/02/2018 / 13:45

    This card is so cute! I don’t think I would be as creative as you if I made my own card, but I should try making one for my boyfriend!

  3. 07/02/2018 / 14:57

    Lovely idea as always! Bulbasaur has never been my favourite either, but you made it look super cute. ^^

  4. 11/02/2018 / 10:38

    Such a cute idea! I will try this one for sure ?

  5. 11/02/2018 / 10:51

    Really sweet. Any excuse to get Sharpies out here!

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