Klairs Supple Preparation Toner – Review

Klairs Supple Preparation Toner – Review



There are many things about Korean beauty that I find really appealing. First the packaging is always on point. Second, the quality has never let my expectations down, Korean beauty is known for its great ingredients. Third, and most importantly : the products work !
These are the principal reasons I was thrilled when Wishtrend , a Korean beauty retailer, contacted me to try out and review some of their Korean products, starting with this Supple Preparation Toner from Klairs.

Klairs is a well known brand in the K-beauty field, and they define themselves as :


“Respectful of the beauty of the environment and carries healthy values regarding the earth.
Simple and contains only the most necessary ingredients
(NO colorants, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO artificial fragrances/fragrance free)”

“We only use ingredients that are gentle to the skin.
We are cruelty-free. We deliver products to you for reasonable prices.”


As you can see it’s a sensitive skin friendly brand, that is also good for nature and animals !



About Product

The product that I tried is a Toner. I know in France most toners are astringents or skin tightening, but this is of another kind.

The one I got is the regular Supple Preparation Toner, but there is also an Unscented Version Toner for people who have very sensitive skin and can’t stand essential oils.
This is the perfect product for someone like me who has an oily type skin, because my skin releases lots of sebum and that makes it really hard to hydrate without “greasing” it.

The price for both versions of the product is the same : $ 21.99.


Balances pH level
Deep hydration
 Cleanses & soothes
✘ Prepares the skin to absorb the following products


Supple Preparation Toner



About the product itself, it seems to be of really great quality. The color is transparent, and the texture is a bit thick but watery, which makes it pleasing to use on your face, leaving a sensation of freshness. The smell is not strong at all, even with the regular scented version. My boyfriend says it smells like soap, it’s kind of true but I think it also smells like plants, maybe a hint of lavender mixed with other herbs ? It’s hard to tell since it’s a really discreet scent, but I prefer it that way.



The packaging is nice, they inspired themselves from old vintage apothecary bottles. It makes sense, since the product is partly composed of herb extracts !
The only bad detail about this : you have to unscrew the top with quite a few wrist rotations, a pump or an open container would maybe have been a better option. But honestly it doesn’t make that much of a difference, so i’m not taking points out there !


Supple Preparation Toner


does work 1/1

Does this product check all its claims ? The answer is YES !
There was zero fake advertisement there, i’m very impressed by that fact (even though it should be something normal). The efficiency is also stunning : my skin has never been so well hydrated. I started using it in winter, and you have to know that EVERY winter my skin peels and cracks because of dryness and cold. Since I started using this : my skin didn’t peel or crack even once !
About pH level, I use this toner right after a chemical exfoliation product that can sting a bit my face, and I can feel that the stinging sensation is neutralized when I apply the toner. My face also feels soothed after being neutralized.
And little by little, I have started to notice that the next product in my routine has been more and more efficient : it’s a salicylic acid cream, and it has been reducing spots faster than before. The toner does indeed make my skin more receptive to other products !

I already had the idea that korean beauty was effective, and even though I realize that it sounds like a lot of praising, this product right here is the perfect example of that.

– Balances pH level 
– Deep hydration 
– Cleanses & soothes 
– Prepares the skin to absorb the following products 


pros 1/1

– Respects all its claims
– Suitable for sensitive skin
– Perfect for oily type skin with its watery texture
– There’s a lot of product in the bottle : 180 ml / 6.08fl.oz
– The quality is as good as high-end products

– Not that practical to open
– I’m still looking for something else to write here


Supple Preparation Toner


worth price1/1

Hell yeah !
For only $ 21.99 this product is definitely worth it, there are so many products that sell for $ 50 or more, and that honestly don’t even work that well (I’m looking at you, exfoliating cream that has been standing in my bathroom for ages since I don’t see the point in using you…).
I think I’m going to buy this product forever, and wear it in winter, spring, summer … even as my only moisturizer if it’s too hot, since the hydration is that good !



If you wish to buy it, you can find both versions here :


$ 21.99                                                                       $ 21.99



pin this large


I want to thank Wishtrend, for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product out, it was my best beauty discovery of this year so far !

Have you tried this product already ?


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