Shopping Haul #2

Hey amazing people ! How are you ? Are you on holiday already ? I've been doing some shopping recently, and I remembered I did a shopping haul last time that happened (yeah i'm a poor student, fashion and lack of money don't usually go together unfortunately). So, why not do another shopping haul ?… Continue reading Shopping Haul #2

[Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February

Hey ! I know I already posted my 5 Monthly Favorites post for February, This is just an update for the video version I made of this post ! I'm sorry for the awkwardness and the bad English pronunciation, but I promise I'll improve later 😊 If you want, leave a like or even subscribe, it would… Continue reading [Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February

5 Monthly Favorites – January

I'm inaugurating this series with this new year, every month I'm going to present you my five favorites of the month ! ✨ They will mostly be objects, that I used a lot or liked particularly, but I might as well include places or events, favorite moments of the month 🙂 So let's begin ! 1… Continue reading 5 Monthly Favorites – January

Sales Haul 🛍

 Hi everyone, I don't know about your country, but in France it's sales time ! Yayyyy I've bought a bunch of new clothes, that I'm going to show you  right now ! I've tried on most of them but I didn't have the time to wear them all, but you'll see them anyways. - Dress -… Continue reading Sales Haul 🛍

It’s raining gifts !

In this post, I'm going to show you the gifts I got for Christmas ! 🎄 🎁 Unfortunately I couldn't manage to put them all here, since some were eaten already (I know, I am indeed guilty of gluttony). First, my sister gave me the Christmas edition of My Little Box (this post is NOT sponsored put that… Continue reading It’s raining gifts !