Cheap vs Brand : Vogue vs Chanel (Nail Polish)

Hey ! So, I've been thinking about this series for some time now, that consists in trying two versions of a product : a cheap version, and a brand name version. I won't always choose necessarily a luxury brand, just a name brand that is a bit known for it's quality, and I will compare it… Continue reading Cheap vs Brand : Vogue vs Chanel (Nail Polish)

🌺 Marzia’s Floral Box !

Hey ! If you remember, I organized a giveaway some time ago to celebrate the fact that my blog reached 1000 followers (thank you again dear friends I love you all very very much 😊). It was a giveaway of two Marzia’s Floral boxes, and Marzia and her team decided to give me one more box as… Continue reading 🌺 Marzia’s Floral Box !

Fashion & Gaming #2 – World of Warcraft

Hey ! This is the second version of my Fashion & Gaming post, if you want to check out the first one Click Here ! I already explained in my first post what was the idea behind this concept, but to summarize, I wanted to bring together two of my favourite hobbies : fashion, and video… Continue reading Fashion & Gaming #2 – World of Warcraft

5 Monthly Favourites – April

Hey ! The 28th is here, it's time for me to show you my Favourites of this month ! 😊 Check out my previous favourites here, on my March Favourites Post 🌼 So, for my April faves, here is what I chose : 1.  Metallic Copper Sneakers Call it copper or Rose Gold, I love it… Continue reading 5 Monthly Favourites – April

Style – 3 Spring Outfit Ideas 🌸

Hi everyone ! New outfits here, and spring themed ! 😊 I made a video version of these outfits, so if you want to check it out please : Click Here ! Since spring finally decided to appear with some very shy sun rays (seriously my D vitamin stocks are running low), I decided to show… Continue reading Style – 3 Spring Outfit Ideas 🌸

Review – L’Oréal Colorista Spray

Hey ! This is my first review ! I came across this product on the promotion section of a big store. I've been kind of obsessed by colored rainbow hair lately, and I remember seeing some bloggers and YouTubers use it. So I decided to give it a try to see what it's worth ! I bought two type of… Continue reading Review – L’Oréal Colorista Spray