5 Monthly Favourites – April

Hey ! The 28th is here, it's time for me to show you my Favourites of this month ! 😊 Check out my previous favourites here, on my March Favourites Post 🌼 So, for my April faves, here is what I chose : 1.  Metallic Copper Sneakers Call it copper or Rose Gold, I love it… Continue reading 5 Monthly Favourites – April

5 Monthly Favorites – March

Hey ! Today is the 28th, it's time for my 5 monthly favorites ! And in this case, my March favorites. I feel like this month just ran out so fast, I can barely remember doing much really. But I always enjoy March, for me it's synonym of "end of winter", even if it's only… Continue reading 5 Monthly Favorites – March

🌸 Spring : Inspiration Mood Board

Hey ! I don't have any allergies, I like flowers, light breezes, and the soft early rays of the sun. Yeah, I like spring ! I love the fact that it's warmer but not summer warm, I love looking at the flowers blossom... to me all of those little details make everyday a bit more enjoyable.… Continue reading 🌸 Spring : Inspiration Mood Board

[Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February

Hey ! I know I already posted my 5 Monthly Favorites post for February, This is just an update for the video version I made of this post ! I'm sorry for the awkwardness and the bad English pronunciation, but I promise I'll improve later 😊 If you want, leave a like or even subscribe, it would… Continue reading [Video] 5 Monthly Favorites – February

5 Monthly Favorites – February

Today is the 28th ! Do you know what that means ? It’s my 5 Monthly Favorites Time ! For my favorites of this month I've selected various items I enjoyed using during the said month. I said it could be places, but honestly this month I haven’t had the time to go somewhere else than University… too… Continue reading 5 Monthly Favorites – February