Japanese Bento Cooking Class 🍱 (6 recipes)

Hey ! I've been to a cooking class Saturday with my sister, a Japanese one ! It was a class to learn how to make a simple and easy bento 🍱 A bento is basically the Japanese version of a lunchbox, and is mostly composed of many bits of different things rather than one full dish.… Continue reading Japanese Bento Cooking Class 🍱 (6 recipes)

Easter Picnic in Paris 🐰

Hi everyone, how was your Easter holiday ? I spent mine resting, and catching up with family and friends. But now the exams and lots of homework are coming ! Last Sunday for Easter I went with my family to the Buttes Chaumont, it's a parc you can visit in Paris, where you can find some nature (there… Continue reading Easter Picnic in Paris 🐰

My mother’s Birthday

Hey ! Last Saturday was my mother’s birthday ✨ So I went to her town to visit her, and with her and my family we went to Center Parcs ! 😊 It’s a place near the forest in France where you can do much activities (walks, bicycle, pony, tennis...), with a main building shaped as a sphere.… Continue reading My mother’s Birthday

The Blue Sky Tag !

Hey ! Another award again, I've been nominated for the Blue Sky Tag, by this amazing blogger, Sanchali ! Thank you so much for nominating me, it was really nice of you 😊 Don't worry I have some other projects than awards coming up soon, but for now be patient ! The rules : Answer the 11… Continue reading The Blue Sky Tag !

Paris – The Opera Garnier

Hey ! The other day we went to see a Ballet at the Opera Garnier of Paris, and since you seem to have liked my last post about Paris, The Panthéon, I thought I'd show you the pictures I took of this amazing place ! Here is the whole building : The entrance, almost everything is made… Continue reading Paris – The Opera Garnier


Aaah, Paris, the city of love, fashion, and great cuisine. And of old monuments. I don't know if you know this one in other countries, but in Paris we have a huge building called the Panthéon. It regroups the remains of great men and women of French history, especially those who participated in the name… Continue reading Panthéon