Colombia – Travel Diary #2 : Breakfast, Witchcraft & Shopping !

Hey ! Here’s the sequel of my Colombia Travel Diary series ! If you want you can check out here my Travel Diary #1. Two days after we arrived to Popayán, we had to come back to Cali for one day only. But on our way, stopped to Silvia, a small city, where my cousin needed to… Continue reading Colombia – Travel Diary #2 : Breakfast, Witchcraft & Shopping !

Colombia – Travel Diary #1

Hey !  Many of you know that right now, I'm in Colombia ! And to show you a bit of my trip, I decided to make this Colombia Travel Diary series, beginning with this one 😊 🌐 Destination - Cali : So, we took the plane from Paris to Madrid first, around 10 am. There,… Continue reading Colombia – Travel Diary #1

I’m going to Colombia tomorrow !

Hey ! As you read in the title, i'm going to Colombia for a whole month ! That's why I thought I'd write you this short post, to explain why I might not have time to blog as often as I use to 😉 But fortunately, I have some posts pre-prepared in advance, all i'll… Continue reading I’m going to Colombia tomorrow !

11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

Hey ! July is here, it's holiday time ! This year I'm going to Colombia to visit my family on my mother's side, yay ! We're going to stay a whole month there, and that means that I need to pack efficiently so I don't have to carry my whole house on my shoulders That's why I… Continue reading 11 Travel Essentials (For a Long Holiday)

Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Hey ! Maybe you don't know this, but two weeks ago it was Mother's Day in France 🇫🇷. This year, we decided to celebrate it by spending the day on a boat, sailing on a canal that goes through various villages. The boat was not that big, but it was well equipped, with a table,… Continue reading Mother’s Day (on a boat)

Japanese Bento Cooking Class 🍱 (6 recipes)

Hey ! I've been to a cooking class Saturday with my sister, a Japanese one ! It was a class to learn how to make a simple and easy bento 🍱 A bento is basically the Japanese version of a lunchbox, and is mostly composed of many bits of different things rather than one full dish.… Continue reading Japanese Bento Cooking Class 🍱 (6 recipes)